Tam labam būs augt

"Tam labam būs augt" presents an unprecedented restaurant/snack bar concept for Latvia, offered by three highly popular top-class chefs - Mārtiņš Sirmais, Ēriks Dreibants and Juris Dukaļskis.

"Tam labam būs augt" (What's Good Will Grow) is an open-type restaurant with the most exclusive seats at the bar, which is located in the middle of the room so that the visitors can watch Juris, Ēriks and Mārtiņš make their Gastronomic Happening.

Most meals are served on a paper card or a granite tablet (but there are plates, too!), and in a very artistic manner. The guests are handed their meals by the chef, who also tells them of what the culinary work of art is made of.

The chefs are willing to chat about taste varieties, products, gastronomic experiments, therefore the visitors may, if not become gourmets, learn many interesting things.

The cooking process is also part of the modern concept of the restaurant. Most meals are prepared in vacuum or using the slow cooking method (thermal processing of products at comparatively low temperatures over a long period of time, up to 8 hours, which guarantees preserving the product's natural flavour, texture and valuable ingredients).

The menu is locally patriotic, laconic, seasonal, and very changeable - so it does not bore visitors, nor the chefs.