Valmiermuiža's embassy in Riga

“Valmiermuiža`s alus” is a small manor brewery where the live beer is brewed slowly and deliberately. We have undertaken the task to maintain and develop traditions of beer enjoyment culture in Latvia. We want to put our beer in the seat of honour as it used to be before and show how to savour it in the style of lords of the manor. That is why we have opened Valmiermuiža`s embassy in Riga. It includes both- the shop offering truly Latvian flavors and the kitchen where guests can enjoy fine beer and typical Latvian specialties made from high-quality local products.

“Valmiermuiža” offers great beer, which is unhurriedly brewed following the best Latvian traditions and is served in a proper way for every guest to enjoy and discover the richness of aroma, taste and color. You’ll find Valmiermuiža filtered and unfiltered light and dark beer, wheat beer, beer cocktail “Valmiermuiža Frišs” and specially brewed festivity beer dedicated to specific events.

The menu of Valmiermuiža`s Beer Kitchen varies alongside annual national festivities; also seasonal changes allow to use a wide range of particular products. Chef Dzintars Kristovskis is a real master of Latvian cuisine. His masterhood is felt in elegant meal made from locally grown eco products including edible seasonal wild herbs and plants from Latvian meadows and forests. Inventing great beer tastes and at the same time, applying them masterly in making delicious meals.

 If you want to experience typical Latvian culinary delights you can enjoy an exclusive five course meal containing five “Valmiermuiža`s alus” brews in combination with unique flavors of Latvian nature. All this is followed by enthusiastic stories, which discover secrets of the brewage. It’s recommended to announce in advance.

You are welcome to the Beer Boutique as well. It’s next to the Beer Kitchen and here you will be advised to try various types of beer and wines by the best small breweries and wineries of Latvia. There you can also find delicious treats for holiday table and gifts for your friends.

Valmiermuiža`s hosts have closely decided to carry on the traditions of hospitality started in landlord`s manner. “Valmiermuiža`s alus” invites everybody to visit brewery in Valmiermuiža to find out the secrets of brewing and enjoy the beer on the spot. You can also try Beer Kitchen cuisine in Valmiermuiža Barn nearby the brewery but the shop offers you tasty treats for friends.