Valmiermuiža craft brewery

“Valmiermuiža craft brewery” is a craft, manor brewery on the outskirts of Valmiera, where beer is slow-brewed using ingredients of the highest grade.

Truly “live” and natural beer is made according to carefully selected recipes that will be appreciated by any gourmand! While visiting Valmiermuiža, find out how manor’s rich history has influenced the brewing process, and how to savour beer like a true lord of the manor.

“Valmiermuižas craft brewery" hosts invites you to taste some of the popularly beloved “Valmiermuižas beer” drinks, eat delicious dinner in  “Valmiermuižas beer” kitchen. Afterwards “Valmiermuižas craft brewery" owners invite you to go horseback riding or go for a carriage ride to enjoy the natural beauty of Valmiera. Horseback riding and excursions in "Valmiermuižas craft brewery" need to be arranged in advance!

Languages: LV, EN, RU
Duration: 1.5 – 2 h
Price: 7.00 EUR per person, for groups less than 4 visitors: 28.00 EUR per tour. For children up to 6 years of age the tour is for free. For children from 6 up to 12 years of age: 2.00 EUR.
Max persons in group: 50
Target audience: all kinds
Season: all year around
Other information: Children will have a chance to enjoy Valmiermuiža's natural lemonades or natural and healthy malt drink. Special tour “All you need is beer” available!