Cēsis and surroundings


ĶIMENE offers variety of Latvian local food, homemade wine, souvenirs, natural cosmetics and bio organic products. A big part of products are made in Cēsis region by local farmers and small scale producers.

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The Bread House

Bread - the staple of life...ancient and timeless. Latvia - an ancient land steeped in traditions and bread that can be found nowhere else on earth. Here it is still the staple of life and now we bring it to you.

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Āraiši Windmill

This Dutch-type windmill was built for the Drabeši Manor in the middle of the 19th century. The hosts will not only show you how grain was milled back in the day, but also allow you to try different grades of flour and enjoy a classic miller's lunch - berley-flour porridge with a meaty gravy.

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Veselības laboratorija (Health laboratory) produces toppings and brandies from herbs, berries and fruits grown in Latvian gardens, forests and meadows. During the tour, you can follow the gathering and pre-treatment of raw materials, witness high-grade alcohol being destilled, and taste the wide variety of flavours.

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Ungurmuiža Manor

The food that is served to the manor house’s guests has been prepared in accordance with the old recipes that were once used by the manor’s cooks. At the restaurant in the unique Baroque-style manor house you can enjoy excellent meals made from locally growth produce of the season.

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Cēsis Medieval Castle

At the Cēsis Medieval Castle you can travel back in time, taking a tour of the historical building and trying the entertainment and activities of its former inhabitants.

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