Ungurmuiža Manor

The food that is served to the manor house’s guests has been prepared in accordance with the old recipes that were once used by the manor’s cooks. At the restaurant in the unique Baroque-style manor house you can enjoy excellent meals made from locally growth produce of the season.

Just like in the 18th century, the restaurant’s chefs choose products that are supplied by local farmers and are always fresh and tasty. From the nearby farms the restaurant buys meat, vegetables, dairy products, eggs and even fish. Wild berries and mushrooms are picked in the forests in Ungurmuiža area! The restaurant’s skillful chefs turn these fresh high-quality products into delicious dishes, using both centuries old and modern-day recipes.

In summer, you can enjoy your meals at the former school building which houses the restaurant, or on the terrace from which you can observe the tranquil greenery of the park with its stately oaks and lindens.

In the summer season, you can also order a special tea ritual at the teahouse. The authentic tearoom with elaborate window panes and white crochet tablecloths will evoke an atmosphere of bygone times. The aroma of the tea made from linden flowers gathered in the manor’s park will waft in the air and the cake made by the restaurant’s chefs will arouse your palate.

Together with the restaurant’s chefs you can also draw up a menu for various festive occasions. Tables can be set in the restaurant, the masters’ house, the teahouse or the park.