Kārļamuiža Manor

Fancy a visit to a 19th century manor house? Then you must be off to Kārļamuiža! Most of the products for the aristocratic meal come from local gardens in Kārļi, the River Amata or the forests of Gauja National Park.

The manor itself has a scenic garden providing culinary herbs, teas, as well as various fruits and berries. If the apple yield has been good, you will be able to taste the fruit of the manor’s old apple trees in almost all dishes throughout the year.

Delicious home food at the Kārļamuiža Restaurant

The Kārļamuiža offers hearty meals to the guests of the Kārļamuiža Hotel and also to guests planning to mark a festive or important occasion at the restaurant. Food at the Kārļamuiža  is prepared, using products supplied by local growers or the manor’s owners. In summer and autumn, food is prepared, using also tasty mushrooms and berries, which are picked in nearby forests.

Especially popular are the nourishing trout that are supplied by the Kārļi fish farm, as well as the tender desserts made from apples from the manor’s garden.

The restaurant hall is light and spacious. A fireplace gives the hall a special homely atmosphere. The walls of the restaurant hall are decorated with old pictures featuring the manor’s history and local landscapes.

The Kārļamuiža Hotel

The old stone and brick buildings at Kārļamuiža Manor are entwined in vines and surrounded by a large apple garden. Kārļamuiža is a homely hotel, situated in the old valley of the River Amata in the territory of Gauja National Park. The foundations of the Kārļamuiža complex have been laid in the 18th century when the manor’s dwelling house was constructed. 

The hotel is a two-floor building housing various suites and rooms, including double rooms and vast apartment-type suites for families or companies of friends. Each room is unique and different from others, so you can choose the one that is best for you! There are also suites with doors to a garden terrace from which you can walk into the manor’s magnificent apple garden.

The hotel has a 30 hectares large surrounding area where you can go for a walk or engage in outdoor activities. Not far from the hotel you will find Kārļamuiža Landscape Park and Amata Nature Trail that will lead you to the scenic River of Amata or Landscape Bank.