Dikļi Palace

The oldest records mentioning Dikļi Manor House date back to the 15th century, but the building acquired its current shape in the 19th century, and today it is an official architectural heritage object.

The palace is decorated by a collection of antique furniture, paintings and a functioning fireplace. Dikļi Palace is a four-star hotel offering aristocratic relaxation, as well as a restaurant of superb and exquisite quality. The menu includes up-to-date interpretations from products that have grown or have been grown in Gauja National Park and nearby territories.

Experience of excellent flavor at the Dikļi Palace Restaurant

The menu of the Dikļi Palace Restaurant is created to treat gourmets to excellent meals in which the flavors of products from Vidzeme countryside blend in unique combinations, each time creating a pleasant surprise to those enjoying the food.

The tasty meals at the Dikļi Palace Restaurant are cooked under the leadership of its creative chef Jānis Sīlis.  Connoisseurs of exquisite flavors are offered to try examples of modern cuisine made from products from Vidzeme countryside – locally grown pumpkins and apples, rabbits grown in the nearby Valmiermuiža, fish from Lake Burtnieks or the palace’s pond and mutton from pastures at the border with Estonia.

Sometimes, the restaurant’s menu also includes game provided by the landlord.

The restaurant’s chef skillfully works in the kitchen, but never forgets to chat with the guests to tell about the cooking process and serve something special – quail stuffed with dried fruit, alder smoked mutton or roebuck marinated with rowan berries.

The Dikļi Palace Hotel surrounded by an old park

The Dikļi Palace Hotel is a great place for slow relaxation and recreational SPA rituals. The luxurious hotel at Dikļi Palace has a special, romantically noble atmosphere. The palace’s interiors are decorated with magnificent restored furniture from the late 19th and early 20th century. Each room has its unique design and furbishing, ensuring that each visit to the hotel provides a new experience. 

The hotel delights its guests with a collection of paintings from the era of Latvia’s Awakening, a magnificent fireplace and a collection of stoves. The unique interior objects decorate the hotel’s halls and guest rooms.

Fire can be lighted in the fireplaces in hotel rooms at the guests’ request, allowing to enjoy the special atmosphere created by live fire.

Nature SPA at Dikļi Palace

At Dikļi Palace, guests can enjoy SPA procedures to soak up the energy of nature. The procedures involve the use of herbs gathered in local meadows, aromatic flowers and other natural products that will pamper your body and create unforgettably blissful sensations. The recreational beauty and health care procedures in a manor house surrounded by an old park will allow you to enjoy peaceful and slow relaxation.

The Nature SPA offers to enjoy classical, as well as special massages and facials. You can choose red bilberry massage for boosting immunity, buckwheat massage that will make your skin firm, or massage with a linden flower facial mask for tranquility and comfort.

Dikļi Palace changes along with the seasons, providing its guests with seasonal products and special treatments to be enjoyed in undisturbed solitude, with your romantic partner, or in a company of friends.