Zilver winery

Zilver home-made wine is made from berries, fruits and even blossoms grown by the winery itself. The winery is unique with the fact that it itself carries out the full wine making cycle on the spot, starting from the seeds planted, which grow into the fruits, apples and berries used to make the wine.

Zilver began producing beverages back in 2009, however, beverages were produced on the site already since the early 1990s by the Pīlādži fruit, apple and berry farm. Thanks to the excellent apple harvest of 2009, a decision was made by the farm to expand the processing activities of the fruits and berries that it grew. Furthermore, at around that same time, changes were made to legislation, which eased requirements for small producers of wine and other alcoholic beverages, thus allowing the farm to begin processing fruits and berries into wines, distillates and lemonades.

Find a wine most suited for you! 

At the moment, Zilver produces over 10 different types of berry, fruit, forest berry and even blossom wines.

Individuals and groups also have the opportunity to arrange a taste test of the various wines, where one will certainly be able to find a wine they enjoy the most!

By arranging a visit ahead of time, it is possible to get acquainted with all of the wine making stages in detail.

Visitors are kindly requested to arrange visits to Zilver by calling beforehand!