Krimulda winery

Visitors of Krimulda Manor have the excellent opportunity to get acquainted with its winery and taste the various wines produced at the manor.

The lady of the manor will welcome you with stories about the history of Krimulda Manor, and take you on a small tour of the manor’s historical center, including the winery, where the local wine master Jānis will greet you for a taste testing session and more detailed information about the wines produced at the manor. 

Krimulda Manor

At Krimulda Manor, visitors will be able to learn about the wine and calvados making process, where they will also be able to taste them while listening to stories about the manor’s history. The wine produced at Krimulda Manor is made from local forest or garden berries – cranberries, raspberries, black currant, bilberries, gooseberries, as well as from dandelion and lilac blossoms.

Nuances of taste

The manor’s wine master Jānis will tell you about all of the steps and secrets in the wine and calvados making process, as well as offer taste tests of the wines made at the manor. The nuances of the various tastes will be revealed from the exciting stories about life at the manor during different periods of history. Visitors will also be able to purchase the wines they enjoyed the most on the spot.

Visits to the manor must be arranged beforehand!