Restaurant Aparjods is a peaceful oasis, where visitors can enjoy tasty meals and excellent wines which are stored in the restaurant’s basement!

One of Latvia’s oldest restaurants, which has been serving guests for the past 25 years. The restaurant, with its rustic exterior and interior and excellent atmosphere, goes perfectly in harmony with the simple Latvian dishes served at the restaurant, where natural and fresh flavors have been enjoyed by generations of its many regulars.

An oasis of peace to enjoy tasty meals

Restaurant Aparjods is located in a beautiful wooden building with a natural wood shingle roof. It is an oasis of peace where you can escape from the rush of the city. The restaurant’s windows overlooking the peaceful and beautiful yard will have you reflecting on the omnipresence of nature. The apple trees in the well-maintained yard gently sway in the wind that is rustling in their bright green leaves. The comfortable benches among the trees are the perfect place for savoring the beautiful scenery.

It seems that tiny invisible fairies work day and night to keep the surroundings of the restaurant Aparjods so full of life and beauty!

Feast on delicious meals while sitting at large oak tables on antique chairs with fine wood carvings. In autumn and winter the glowing fireplace makes for an exceptionally cozy atmosphere in the restaurant, while summer meals are enjoyed on the comfortable outdoor terrace.

No matter if you choose to sip fine wines from the restaurant’s cellar or slowly enjoy delicious meals inspired by the wisdom of traditional Latvian cuisine, it is bound to be an unforgettable experience.