Kungu Rija

A homestead with its own pace of life and harmony with nature. The kitchen of Kunga Rija can be described by a quote from a French chef: Simplicity in art is proof of skill. But a good kitchen? When things taste as they really are.

A homestead with its own pace of life

Kungu Rija started as an idea of a homestead with its own pace of life and harmony with nature. The touch of nature can be observed all throughout the year – in the spring with swallow nests under the roof, as well as ducks and swans who enjoy a swim in the pond, in the autumn with forest mushrooms right at edge of the forest next to the kitchen, or on a cold winter day when several pairs of deer can be sighted on a regular basis chewing away at the haystack.

The history of Kungu Rija is not a long one, even though its creation has been inspired by historical accounts of the Turaida Manor’s Threshing Barn, which was called the Kungu Rija and originally constructed by Baron Holstein.

Kungu Rija is an authentic log-house, which has been built taking into account centuries-old Latvian construction traditions.

The magic of the moment

The atmosphere at Kungu Rija is similar to what Soren Kierkegaard once wrote, that one cannot step in the same exact river twice, as it may be the same river, but is different each time. On a sunny summer day, it is possible to hear the chatter of tourists speaking various languages in the yard, on a quiet autumn evening you can wrap yourself up in a blanket on the terrace, while on a cold winter night it is possible to spend an evening by candlelight while watching the wood-burning stove and listening to French chanson, Russian romance, blues or other relaxing music.