Cēsis Medieval Castle

At the Cēsis Medieval Castle you can travel back in time, taking a tour of the historical building and trying the entertainment and activities of its former inhabitants.

The ruins and garden of the once imposing castle of the Livonian Order have become an open-air workshop for artisans who work there from May to September. In the garden, you can meet the gardener and check out the vegetables and herbs that are grown from uncultivated seeds. At the outdoor oven, the castle’s cook will help each guest to bake his or her own loaf of bread. Tourist groups can book real medieval feasts or beer degustation events at the castle.

Cēsis Medieval Castle once served as the main castle of the Livonian Order, where Livonian landlords passed important decisions and the Master of the Order lived, and also as a prison for senior officials and prisoners of war.

On a tour guided by a medieval castle’s servant you will walk through the castle with a bright lantern in your hand. You will descent into the cellar, which used to house the prison. You will climb the Western Tower and see the Master’s living room – a unique 16th century interior with an elaborate star vault. From the tower’s attic, you will be able to see a magnificent view of the other parts of the castle complex, its foreparts, the park and the town.

People once built this castle by passing the stones from hand to hand. If you touch the walls of the castle you might almost feel the strength of their hands and hear the footsteps of the now-extinct tribe of Vends, the indigenous inhabitants of what is today’s Cēsis, and the commanding voice of the Master of the Livonian Order.

You will be able to see and take part in activities at the Smithy of Ancient Jewelry and in the castle’s garden. You can try your hand at making jewelry, arm-wrestling, skittles and other olden day activities, and have a medieval meal when you get hungry.