Valmiera Museum educational programmes

Find out about herbs and spices at Valmiera Museum's educational programme at Herb garden and reveal a story about clay in exhibition "Creation of the world. Clay and Porcelain".

Valmiera Museus offers a special educational programme at Herb Garden inviting visitors to find out how medicinal herb and spices and garden plants are utilized in cooking, including tasting them both fresh and in teas. All herbs and spices can be found in the Herb Garden on the Banks of Gauja near Valmiera.
Languages: LV, EN
Duration: 40-60 min
Price: 1.40 EUR per person
Max persons in group: 26 persons
Target audience: all kinds
Season: all year around

In the Exhibition Hall of the Valmiera Museum you will have a possibility to attend an exhibition „Creation of the World. Clay and porcelain”. The oldest items at exhibition are several centuries old, found during archaeological excavations in 2013 which have been re-assembled providing a valuable insight of how century old pottery looked like. The purpose of this exhibition is to show how a human creates his world through items which he needs and how the table culture, using these pottery and porcelain items, through centurieshas changed. This exhibition show that pottery can be multi-purpose. During the programme "The story of lump of clay” you will be able to find out the stories, guess and think, draw and shape the material.
Languages: LV, EN
Duration: 1 h
Price: 1.00 EUR per person
Max persons in group: 25 persons
Target audience: all kinds
Season: Programme available until the exhibition change - 20th May, 2017


Visit must be pre-arranged!