About European Region of Gastronomy

In the Year 2017, the Riga-Gauja region will bear the title of European Region of Gastronomy. A special concept, called "Wild at Palate", will be the guide for you to get to know the diverse dining out pleasure to be found in RIga, Sigulda, Cesis and Valmiera

Denmark's Aarhus and the Lombardy region of Italy will share the honor of the Gastronomy title with Riga, with the ultimate goal being to unite various regions of Europe where local dishes are a defining factor. Another objective is to jointly promote gastronomic tradition and preservation of ethnic foods and their diversity. 

The program of events for the European Region of Gastronomy 2017 is organized by the tourism sector, involving the top chefs from the finest restaurants, farmsteads, proprietors and persons affiliated with the arts and entertainment. New happenings will be held, new tourist routes will appear, and the subject of food placed front and center at well-known events.

Interesting to note that in Latvia one thing is quite apparent - practically all foods gracing the table came from just outside the window. Birch sap juice in early spring were/are the perfect tonic to oil up rusty bones, while the flora in the field work well as seasonings for any dis, or for a pot of tea. From the nearby woods comes the meat on the table, plus, a wide variety of nuts and berries. And the yonder stream, lake and ocean provide an abundance of fish.

These traditions from yesteryear are still alive today. Food stuffs straight from the wild not only are the norm at home, but are increasingly found on the menus of the finest restaurants. Dinner ware - plates and bowls made from wood, clay, stone and glass - all natural, are also a unique addition to the world of Latvian gastronomy. This and much more we intend to present in 2017 when Riga-Gauja will be the European Region of Gastronomy!