Savor life's many moments while dining at MUUSU!

MUUSU is a story of values developed through years of experience. We hail and pursue beauty and comfort; every detail counts. The Nordic interior – distinct lines, exposed brick, flax fabric and wood  accents in combination with metal provides an exquisite background for all that is essential – fine food and emotions.

The strength of MUUSU is its chef, Kaspars Jansons. We do not hesitate to claim that he is one of the best chefs in the city. The ascetic table settings and dishes, made by Rauna Kiln, is very much like a canvas to paint on. Time-tested, stable culinary values are at the base of our menu. These are the classics of contemporary Europe, leaving space for new interpretation and seasonal accents, with respect for everything fresh and of local origin.

Late brunch, a business dinner, an evening with friends or a very special occasion –  MUUSU Restaurant is like a chameleon, adapting to and supporting your multiple emotions. We would like to take the liberty to warn you that time will stand still on our comfy sofas.