Kasha Gourmet

KASHA|Gourmet – a bold and unique improvisation on a porridge theme, as part of classic haute cuisine dishes. This is an auteur cuisine restaurant with a plentiful menu, Nespresso coffee, original interior and relaxed atmosphere.

KASHA|Gourmet is not a "porridge paradise", as it might seem at first glance, but a restaurant with an extensive menu, superb wine list, fine selection of Nespresso coffee and cocktails. The essence of the name - “KASHA" is a way to show you that here you can find everything! "Tasty mess", in simple terms, or a gourmet mix, speaking more elegantly.
Notes of traditional Latvian, Italian, French, British and European cuisines intersect in one menu, creating the most unusual combinations and ideas of meals. According to Chef and co-owner Dennis Ivankov, KASHA|Gourmet is more of a gourmet lounge than a restaurant. "I do my best to follow the latest culinary trends, tastes of our guests, often cook for celebrities, such as David Beckham, Mohammed Ali, and I’m still working with Jamie Oliver, so our own, Riga’s project is very challenging. KASHA is very modern and it carries chic to the masses - high quality food at affordable prices."