If a city has a beginning, then for Valmiera it is the River Gauja – a road connecting not only river banks, places and countries, but also – times. It reveals the roots of entrepreneurship of Valmiera – the historical Hanseatic trading route and lively talks of merchants, mentioning excellent vax, amber-like honey and grain full of earth’s power, and other goods. Nowadays the entrepreneurship harmoniously co-exists with the green thinking.

The green joyfulness of the leaves of a linden characterizes the new generation of the city – its students, who are overlooked by the three famous and courageous characters from the Pāvels Rozītis novel “The Boys of Valmiera”. Also they were inspired by the beauty of the city’s nature. Like hundred years ago, also now just a few minutes away from the city centre one can find peace in the forests, generously treating everyone with mushrooms and wild berries. However, the roots of a linden tree have grown so deep that it has been particularly honoured by placing the linden also in the city’s coat of arms.

Already for several centuries a rooster sitting on the top of the St. Simon’s church is overlooking the lindens and listening into the heartbeats of the city. And not far from him hundred years ago the first Latvian national flag was made, the story of which stretches far back into the folk songs.

Strong roots are the foundation, allowing the city to grow, to think and to create.  Century old traditions harmoniously co-exist with the new sprouts, allowing the theatre to be heard in peculiar places, to combine cinema watching with pedalling of a bicycle, to taste the uniqueness of the goods that can be found here, to achieve new heights in sports and to continue growing. “In Valmiera you will feel truly peaceful. Who has once lived here, will always wish to return,” wrote Pāvils Rozītis. We wish you to experience it!