Bīriņi Palace Restaurant

The palace offers an opportunity to spend your leisure time in an aristocratic atmosphere in its exquisite interiors, spacious guest halls and elegantly designed hotel rooms.

The Bīriņi Palace Restaurant is located in an arched hall in the basement of a lakeside palace, which is surrounded by a beautiful park. The red brick walls are lit by sunlight which inconspicuously shines through two side windows and fills the room with homely warmth. The palace was built in 1860 under the careful and loving auspices of the Von Pistohlkors family. The restaurant serves banquets, seminars, garden parties seven days a week both at the palace’s Arched Hall and the summer café at the old Watermill.

Restaurant in the palace

At the restaurant’s white-decked tables in the palace’s Arched Hall you will enjoy food made from local products, including ones grown by Bīriņi Palace’s gardener. The Bīriņi Palace Restaurant creates its delicious food for your enjoyment in collaboration with Mārkulīči hunters’ club from Pargauja who supply beaver meat, Sidrabjērs, the supplier of organic mutton, and many other suppliers of high-quality products.

The skillful team of the Bīriņi Palace Restaurant is led by chef Kaspars Rocēns. His favorite dishes include homemade rich-flavored ice creams and chocolates, created as a tribute to the ladies of the Palace. They are also sold as takeaway souvenirs.

Summer Café at the old watermill

The Watermill’s old funnel and bench have been transformed into tables at the Summer Café. Visitors can climb the staircase inside the building to look at various mill equipment and old artefacts, as well as hear the museum’s stories. A terrace on the lake is a favorite place for resting and enjoying food after a walk in the vast park of Bīriņi Palace. The menu includes various traditional and hearty Latvian fares, like stews in clay pots, peas with bacon and baked potatoes with herring.

An outdoor meal

Thanks to the spacious park, outdoor meals by a campfire or barbeque is the special offer at Bīriņi Palace.  The guests only have to make sure that their clothes suit the weather and book their meal in advance.