Mālpils Manor Restaurant

The elegant atmosphere at Mālpils Manor is perfect for splendid and care-free relaxation.

After awakening from an aristocratic sleep in satin sheets, the morning view will certainly be a delight, while the gourmet meals created by the restaurant’s chef will lure you to indulge in gastronomic pleasures.

Delicate nuances of flavor

The Mālpils Manor Restaurant is proud to have been included for successive years on Latvia’s best restaurants list. The skill and creativity of head chef Aija Gabrāne has been renowned for quite a while already. The dishes prepared at the restaurant are not only known for their delicate nuances of flavor, but also for its rich design, colors and structure. The menu of Mālpils Manor Restaurant is changed every once in a while, with seasonal dishes added according to season. Chef Aija Gabrāne’s passion for seasonal Latvian-gown produce makes up the restaurant’s characteristic tastes in its seasonal menus.

Mālpils Manor

The magnificent Mālpils Manor House sits in a Baroque-style park where people can enjoy slow strolls by picturesque ponds and down the old Oaktree alleys. 

The architecture of Mālpils Manor House is rich and inspiring – large, white-framed windows and gorgeous decorative elements adorn the building’s light façade. At the entrance, there is a trimmed lawn, cobbled paths and a fountain, which can be watched sitting on a bench in the park.

Over the years, Mālpils Manor House has gone through transformations – it has been damaged during the 1905 revolution, successfully rebuilt, and existed as a state-owned and private property. The Master’s House, which now houses a luxurious hotel, is an architectural heritage object of national importance.

Mālpils Manor House was renovated to restore it in its original shape with elements of Classicism architecture. Visitors can see the manor house’s old tile stoves and fireplaces, historical artefacts and luxury articles, paintings by Latvian old masters, as well as Classicism and Biedermeier furniture.