Rāmkalni restaurant

The Rāmkalni restaurant is perfect for those looking for a peaceful place to enjoy a meal, with its excellent food, cozy atmosphere and elegant surroundings.

The restaurant serves an excellent fusion of the traditional Latvian kitchen in combination with Western European tastes and experience.

Rāmkalni is located in beautiful surroundings on the banks of the Gauja River, 40 km from Riga and 15 km from Sigulda. Various activities are available for visitors in the summer season at Rāmkalni, but in the winter a ski hill is open for business. It is also possible to have a hearty meal at the Rāmkalni restaurant, as well as purchase a wide variety of locally produced goodies and other tasty items from all over Latvia at the grocery shop!


Home-made goodies

Rāmkalni produces candied fruits, pastilles, lemonades and syrups made from locally grown fruits and berries. It also produces home-made ice cream and pelmeni from natural and high-quality ingredients. It is also possible to purchase freshly baked cookies, cakes, sweet and savory pastries, as well as jellied meats, pate and many other tasty items. Smoked meats like chicken, pork and sausages, using traditional methods, are also readily available.