The Bread House

Bread - the staple of life...ancient and timeless. Latvia - an ancient land steeped in traditions and bread that can be found nowhere else on earth. Here it is still the staple of life and now we bring it to you.

Are you culinary curious? Do you have an adventurous spirit? Then come visit Maizes Maja (The Bread House). It is situated on a charming country farm near the town of Cesis, not far from the capital city of Riga. Here you can savor the unique flavors of Latvian dark rye bread, sourdough bread, and the favorite native comfort food called Piragi - bacon or apple buns for vegetarians. You will be immersed in local traditions and learn the reverence for every grain that goes into our bread.

Hosts will teach you how to prepare your own dough and bake your very own loaf of bread. You will become part of a traditional process that goes back thousands of years.

When the bread is ready you will be seated at linen covered tables in an old barn and feast in this age-old and mystical setting. You will be surrounded by Latvian song and dance and drink home-made wine from our very own wine cellar.

Individuals and groups are welcome. It is necessary to book your visit at least one week in advance. Three hour programs are offered in English, Russian.