Refined, historic interior of four different rooms of the restaurant Benjamiņš, as well as its classic cuisine let you savour elitist and special meal here.


Restaurant Benjamiņš qualifies for the status of an elitist and refined restaurant. It is the restaurant's interior which speaks for itself — the rooms are decorated with antique cut-glass chandeliers, fireplaces, and ceiling ornaments, giving the air of elitist splendour and creating warm, colourful, and positive atmosphere. The fact that the building where the restaurant is now located was once inhabited by one of the wealthiest Latvian families, Benjamiņš, creates the special atmosphere of the building — this family name is where the name of the restaurant comes from. This family was one of the most influential families in Latvia of 20ties and 30ties of the twentieth century and they tried to reflect their status in the interior of their house. Here you can see, for example, the biggest Venetian cut-glass chandelier in the Baltic States.


Menu of the restaurant reflects the elitist mood of the surroundings — it is founded on classic dishes, although, when you read the menu you realize that the meal at Benjamiņš will be special. How would grilled beef steak smoked with laurel leaves or salmon filet roasted in peppermint leaves taste? It is worth trying. There are snacks and soups, as well as main courses and desserts on the menu.

Why is it worth visiting!?

A meal in the historical, refined interior with its elegant, splendid and elitist atmosphere raises you above the mundane greyness and makes you feel special.