Kuk Buk

In the serene Art Nouveau part of Riga, a dining establishment with a witty name welcomes you. Especially pleased is chef supreme Andris Jugāns, whose forte is European entrees and a select wine list. Two rooms, both appropriate for a romantic dinner for two, a private banquet or a business lunch.

"Kuk Buk" held its grand opening last fall in the serene and quiet section of town - the Art Nouveau neighborhood. The man behind this establishment is Chef Andris Jugāns, who has multiple years of cooking experience under his belt, including 10 years abroad.His expertise on European cuisine is in shining evidence here. The cuisine is non-specific, which gives the customer a wider choice - and the kitchen - ample opportunity for experimentation. The wine selection is exclusive. 

The restaurant is in two ''zones''; there is a lounge with divans and small tables best used for a coffee break or a relaxing chat over a glass of wine. The other zone is set for a three-course dinner.