Every big city has a place that specializes in the art of BBQ; in Riga, that place is Ribs&Rock restaurant. We are the first to offer such a wide variety of rib dishes, and the only ones who serve them in the company of good, solid rock music. The story of Ribs&Rock is about classic values – both in terms of food and music.

Ribs&Rock stands apart with its own signature style. The colorful décor – fiery lamps, electric guitars, vinyl records and music posters – reveals our passion for good tunes. Here you'll hear old-school favorites like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, as well as the new classics, such as REM and U2. On weekend nights we provide live music, played by the best local bands.

Before Ribs&Rock was opened, our head chef transformed the kitchen into a laboratory, seeking new methods of achieving tender and juicy meat – and the outcome has resulted in compliments from customers and a great variety of fare. And pork is not the only meat that we serve – on our menu you'll also find dishes featuring veal, lamb and wild game. When it comes to meat, we can safely call ourselves experts; that's because we have our own meat workshop – it's your guarantee of being served only the choicest of cuts, prepared in the most flavorful of marinades. Being related to the Steiku Haoss restaurant chain means that we have access to a wide array of steaks.

We carry a wide choice of wines, including an uncommonly large stock of vintages that pair well with pork. The waitstaff will gladly help you choose the best wine to go along with your meal.