"Avalon" restaurant offers fusion cuisine so popular in Europe; call it a pleasant excursion to the world of savory Latvian dishes.


In the "Avalon" Hotel. Select hors d'oeuvre or an appetizer, or a hearty entree following your walking tour of Old Town. “Avalon” is just minutes away from Town Hall Square and the House of Blackheads.


The interior design is classic and functional, the space is wide and airy. "Avalon" is great for a business lunch, or a perhaps a three-course meal after a long walk taking in the sights? Free and breezy, particularly on the rooftop terrace with its splendid view of the red-tiled roofs of the Old Town.


"Avalon" is distinctly fusion in its culinary approach, with appetizers and main courses in modern presentation. Accent on local products with the aromas and flavors of Latvia (meats smoked in burning alder kindling, marinated vegetables/fruit, seasonal berries, jam,  etc. etc.)  Chef supreme Egils Grīnfelds has the flair of a master, and the creativity of an artist. "Avalon" is sans anything genetically modified, and is eco-certified with the Green Key.

The menu shows wide variety; from seasonal hors d'oeuvre to fish and beef entrees, topped off with a delicious dessert.